Call to Assignment: Engaging the Keys to a Fulfilled life

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Excerpts from "CALL TO ASSIGNMENT" / Chapter III

You Have Something Only You Can Offer This World

The surest way to understand your area of uniqueness is to soak yourself into a relationship with the Holy Spirit. He opens your understanding and gives you wisdom to see things the way you ought to. Wisdom comes from the Spirit of God. He knows the mind of God, he knows all truths, and he knows all answers. He reveals them to whoever is willing. If you are willing, the Bible says you shall eat the fruit of the land. Remember: It was Abraham who was called to sacrifice his son Isaac and not Jacob or Joseph. Don’t go “sacrificing your Isaac” because you’ve seen others sacrifice theirs. You will need to hear that specific word that is tailor-made for you. Don’t try to be someone else because you admire them. You can learn from them to not repeat their mistakes; you can learn from them to acquire the secrets to their fulfillment, but you can never fulfill their divine assignment. You can catch the anointing of your mentor, but you have not been called to do his assignment. Even if you took over from your mentor, you can never be exactly like them. Attempting to fulfill the assignment of your mentor will mean abandoning or killing your own. No one is big enough to fulfill two people’s assignments. Your entire life is about fulfilling an assignment for only one person, and that person is you. This is the reason why only you will be held accountable for your life when you stand before the ultimate judge. Christ fulfilled the assignment that was meant for him alone to fulfill. No one else could have died for all humanity except Christ. No other blood could have atoned for the sins of all humanity except the precious sinless blood of Jesus. The consequence of trying to accomplish other people’s assignments is not worth the attempt. Endeavor not to be like someone else, and start being you! You have something to offer this world in a way that no one else can. You were created to be unique and not to be like anyone else. You have a lot to overcome, but that does not change who you are in Christ. You are God’s workmanship created for good works in Christ. You have a DNA peculiar to only you. It is not for nothing that no two DNAs are the same. God made it so for a reason. Greatness is waiting for you only at the place of your uniqueness and assignment. Seek to excel in your uniqueness. Package and present it with excellence.

Uniqueness and Mediocrity Are Not the Same

It is very necessary at this point to put a divide between uniqueness and mediocrity. What is mediocre does not in any way glorify God because he is the God of excellence. You cannot claim uniqueness in mediocrity. Your area of uniqueness does not necessarily come across in a glorious form. Even though your uniqueness may present itself in an unrefined and raw form, you are not supposed to maintain the rawness with your gift. It always exacts the wisdom of God and the mentorship of a “father” to be transformed from an almost raw state into a refined and an excellent form that is capable of positively impacting the lives of others. It is therefore important to identify your area of uniqueness very early so it can benefit from the process of preparation. The stage of preparation unearths the rough edges of your peculiar divine asset. You are very prone to ignoring and trivializing your gift because it may not easily appear to you as a valuable unique asset. Your own uniqueness runs the risks of being overshadowed or eclipsed by your personal faults and weaknesses. But when recognized and harnessed, it more than compensates for the imperfections in your life.

Carbon Copies Are Scarcely Accepted

Your significance on earth will only reside within the area of your uniqueness. Two people could both have the gift of soccer, but they may all not be effective as strikers. While one could be good at scoring goals, the other may be an expert in the goal post. The difference between the two is established in their uniqueness: one has an advantage of agility and nimbleness for the goal post, and the other possesses the speed and the hunger to score goals. They all possess the same gift of playing soccer, but they are only celebrated and significant in their respective areas of uniqueness; striker and goalkeeper respectively. In the same manner, you can have a thousand goalkeepers or strikers but each of them will be different in style and technique.

There are many people out there trying hard to become a carbon copy of their mentor, idol, or contemporary. If you persist in that direction, you will only amount to a feeble replica of them all. In our present world, carbon copies are hardly accepted when it comes to very important issues. It is so because carbon copies fade with time and lose their vitality and worth. They are not original. For this reason, it is very important for each one of us to answer this question sincerely: What do you think you are—an original or a carbon copy? Let it be clear to you that God did not create you to become a pale shadow of anybody. He created you to be you, a veritable original who must deliver on an original and a specific assignment. God does not duplicate assignments. He said the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. He does not send a laborer to accomplish an assignment that has already been finished. What is the point? He always sends a servant to execute an unaccomplished assignment. Endeavour to be who God made you to be, an original and not a carbon copy.

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