Call to Assignment: Engaging the Keys to a Fulfilled life

Friday, June 18, 2010

Heaven’s Gate

In a flash I seemed to have received

A new sight for extra vision

I could now see things even a million miles away.

I saw what appeared to be gates of brass

With guards like giants standing in front of them

As we got closer, I could count about twelve gates

What I thought to be brass was not brass at all.

We forged ahead in the direction of the gates

All I could now see was one narrow gate

Adorned in pearls beyond description.

As we approached the entrance

The gate opened on its own volition

Something then happened to me

I fell flat on my face

The strength I had for the journey gave way

And all I now sensed was a wave of weakness

My vision was blurred and I could not speak.

I suddenly felt a hand lifting me up, and behold

New strength, new sight, and what a beautiful scene that met my gaze.

Copyright 2010 kingsley amoah

Inside Heaven

Behold, as I looked

I was in another world beyond the words of men

The splendour, the grandeur

The magnificence, the radiance

The glory, the beauty

Just too much for me to comprehend.

As I looked down

My feet were walking on extra premium gold

I had never seen anything like this before

Everywhere I walked was pure glittering gold.

Then I heard as it were

The voices of a great multitude

Sounding like the rushing sound of many waters

And there was mighty thundering, and these words I heard so clearly

‘All power, all glory, all honour

Belong to the Lord our God.’

All around me were glittering beams of pure light

As if from the radiance of a billion gems fused together

At this point, I had no spirit left in me any more.

copyright 2010 kingsley amoah

Mansions in Heaven

I gathered a little courage, holding my gaze as far as I could

The sight of edifices out of the ordinary met my gape

Then I thought for a second

The grandest of architects on miserable earth

Were light years away from heaven’s technology.

Each of these paradisiacal palaces

Were unique in their appearance

So that not one of them looked like the other

Yet I believe they numbered in their millions.

I fixed my curious eyes on one of them

This one looked like crystals of glass

Expertly manicured into a magnificent mansion.

I looked yet on another

Behold, it looked like precious stones of diamond

Were its foundations and walls.

Each of the mansions radiated a certain kind of glory

Each was different in brilliance and splendour

Then I thought, all the gold and skills of my little isle

Would not be enough to build one of these.

copyright 2010 kingsley amoah