Call to Assignment: Engaging the Keys to a Fulfilled life

Thursday, April 29, 2010



Life is indeed an unavoidable rugged terrain replete with puzzles, riddles, and questions that continually stare everyone in the face in anticipation of answers. This phenomenon of life is common to all, whether great or small, rich or poor, strong or weak, agnostic or believer. Most people choose to live life anyhow without ever considering the pertinent questions that certainly have a direct bearing on destinies. But the most fundamental enigma that no one can afford to ignore is the question: What is the purpose of my life? No one, no matter his or her standing or status in life, will enjoy the luxury of being exempt from engaging and making sense of this puzzle.

Although every human being made a naked entry into the world, no one is born empty. Right within the frame of a fragile day-old baby is the DNA of assignment. You are born already packaged and fully loaded with purpose and assignment. Terrifyingly, we are all confronted with the risk of never fulfilling the assignments we were destined for as a result of the various distractions and choices that earnestly vie for our attention. For most of us, our destinies are hanging on a knife edge. Many of us walk the face of the earth without ever discovering why we exist. We will do just about anything out of convenience or simply for survival. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, destinies are constantly being abused and aborted without restraint. It is a great tragedy to live your entire life without ever knowing why you live. The truth is that you are alive for a reason, for a purpose, and for a cause. This cause and this reason is your assignment. The assignment of your life has a limitation called time, and this limitation waits for no man.

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